1-6 JUNE 2004
Rhodes, Greece

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EcoCinema International Film Festival is performed through the organisation of "Cinema and Environment" and DIPE non profit companies.
2004 is supported by:

Yorgos Giannopoulos,
Mayor of Rhodes

Rhodes hosts the Ecocinema International Environmental Film Festival for the second consecutive year. Ecocinema, a unique kind of festival in the broader Mediterranean area, is enriched this time and has a wider thematic range.
The large number and variety of the entries proves that our age, an age charged with creating “apolitical” passive citizens and featuring cynicism and individualism, preserves many breeding-grounds of resistance constantly alert not only among artists but also among ordinary “insignificant” citizens who get together in order to reverse the above mentioned picture.
Ecocinema, a small contribution to the total edifice of the global ecological movement, as an institution cannot and does not belong to any particular area. It belongs to the whole world and sends its messages around the globe. And it would be highly desirable if it could attract more and more creators but also more and more receivers from every corner of the earth.
On behalf of all the citizens of Rhodes I welcome Ecocinema in the city and the island of the sun and I wish every possible success to this year’s festival and all the others to come.

Yannis Maheridis,
Dodecanese Prefect

When you find out that the choice you made to support an event like the Ecocinema Film Festival in every possible way has proved completely right there is no other way than to persist in it and defend it.
This is what the Prefecture of the Dodecanese is doing for the second consecutive year abiding by the need of the citizens and visitors of Rhodes to express their sensibility and concern over cultural and environmental issues. A sensibility that was amply demonstrated last year to a degree that compels us to ensure Ecocinema’s continuity, its growth and the increase of its reputation. The acquisition of more faithful friends… If last year the proposal for the organization of this International Film Festival sounded merely as a fascinating idea, with the risk of a dubious effect on the citizens, this year the repetition of the venture has become an obligation for all of us. We can no longer step back…
The public opinion, the citizens of Rhodes have empathized with the anxiety of creators from all over the world.
They have been touched and mobilized. And they were present packing the movie theatres. The cinema of superior aesthetics and sound opinions won the response of the citizen. It is this very citizen who requires the support of this institution.
The Prefecture of the Dodecanese “has got the message” and declares for the second consecutive year its readiness to share in the organization of the Ecocinema 2004. Consciously and enthusiastically…

Diagoras Chronopoulos,
President of the Greek Film Centre

Angelos Stagos, Chairman of the Board of Directors Managing Director of ERT S.A..

E.R.T. S.A. (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation) manifesting its sensibility on ecological-environmental issues is supporting again this year the 4th International Environmental Film Festival as the sole communications sponsor.

The decision to incorporate the International Environmental Film Festival in the annual planning of sponsorship programmes has more to do with its individuality. For it combines admirably art and culture with the demonstration of man’s daily anxiety for the environment and the quality of his life.

With the belief that through such kind of activities the real intercourse between art and nature, cinema and the environmental issues which concern experts and non-experts alike, is being expanded and strengthened we salute this year the now consolidated International Environmental Film Festival and we wish it every possible success from the bottom of our hearts.

Newspaper "TA NEA"

Lucien Chabason Coordinator,
Mediterranean Action Plan


Annual Ramsar/MedWet prize  for a film on water/wetlands to be awarded at the ECOCINEMA

The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (www.ramsar.org), signed in the city of Ramsar, Iran in 1971, is the world’s oldest global environmental convention, working for the wise use of wetlands and water resources worldwide. As of April 2004, 138 countries have signed and ratified the Convention. MedWet, the Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative of the Ramsar Convention (www.medwet.org) is a long-term collaborative initiative, for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands. MedWet includes all 25 Mediterranean countries, the Palestinian Authority, and a number of International and Intergovernmental institutions, expert centres and NGOs.
The MedWet initiative of Ramsar shares the view of Ecocinema that important environmental issues should be brought into a wider social dialogue through the universal art of cinema, thereby increasing awareness and helping to create a more humanitarian society. On these grounds, the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and its MedWet initiative, establish in 2004 the award of an annual prize for a film on water or related ecosystems (especially wetlands) that will be entered in the competition segment of the Ecocinema international film festival. The objective of Ramsar/MedWet is to encourage and support the production of good quality films and documentaries on the themes of water and wetlands and the interaction of people with them, thereby aiming to increase public awareness and concern with regard to their conservation and wise use.

The films entering the competition for the Ramsar/MedWet award will have as their overall theme water and/or aquatic ecosystems (wetlands according to the Ramsar Convention’s definition). They may deal with the theme at a global or regional level, for any region in the world. A specific jury, composed by experts from the Ramsar Convention Secretariat and MedWet, as well as professionals from the cinema industry, will be established. The winner will be awarded with prize of €4.000 (four thousand euro), provided by the Ramsar Convention and MedWet. The award will be presented by the Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention.
Peter Bridgewater, Ramsar Secretary General
Spyros Kouvelis, MedWet Coordinator

Ioanna Haritatou,
Media Desk Hellas Coordinator



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