3th International Film Festival ECOCINEMA
September 2003

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International Cinematography Festival Ecocinema is performed through the organisation of DIPE and the "Cinema and Environment" non profit companies.

ECOCINEMA 2003 is supported by:

Evangelos Venizelos, Minister of Culture
The organization of Ecocinema, a film festival that places environmental issues at its core, proves that sensitivity towards the environment in Greece does not only concern a community of experts, but the general public as well.

Furthermore, the contribution of such events in shaping a new environmental sensibility in our country is especially important within the context of a new dynamic that is developing internationally on questions concerning the environment. After all, cinema, the primary art of the information society and the digital era, has the ability, through the fertile combination of image, sound, narration, representation, and the educational aspect of the seventh art, to raise and highlight these crucial issues in an influential manner.

The Ecocinema Festival operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture, not only because the Ministry is responsible for policies pertaining to film policy but more crucially because culture and the environment are equally important kindred spirits. I congratulate the organizers of Ecocinema, a film festival of high quality and sensitivity that is included amongst the most prestigious of its kind in Europe.
I wish this year every possible success.

Nikos Sifounakis, Minister of the Aegean
Ecology is a science that was born fairly recently. And this is because human beings only recently developed the forces that could potentially influence in a decisive -and frequently destructive- manner their natural environment.
Recklessness, one might say.
Given the way contemporary humans have learned to live in artificial urban surroundings, alienated from nature and imbued by the logic of profit, it is only to be expected that at some point that humans would lose their sense of measure and this would lead to paths that jeopardize the very future of the earth that has given birth to them, that nurtures them, and ultimately jeopardize their own future.

The realization of the dangers that this attitude entails and the turn towards the search for viable forms of development are significant conquests but also necessities for contemporary societies. In order, however, for the work of scientists and environmental organizations to bear fruit, it is necessary that the citizens themselves partake and understand these issues. In moving towards this direction, the International Ecocinema Film Festival fulfills three aims. Firstly, it manages to stimulate the sensibility of all of us on issues concerning the protection of the environment. Secondly, it induces us to revive our relationship with nature, as it takes us to the magic of a world, a landscape we have almost forgotten. And, finally, it creates incentives for young people to work in areas that are directly related to the environment.

The Ministry of the Aegean warmly supports this effort.
The Aegean Sea, after all, is characterized by a wonderful but also sensitive natural environment, that is threatened by many different menaces: unmeasured building, mass tourism, water pollution. I wish the effort that began two years ago continues to flourish not only this year, but also in the years to follow, assisting in shaping a strong ecological conscience in our country.

Diagoras Chronopoulos, President of the Greek Film Centre
Cinema is an art form that has the ability, possibly more than all the other arts, to express directly, effectively and efficiently, the increasing global concerns regarding the degradation of the environment, to pinpoint the dangers and to suggest possible solutions.
The International Ecocinema Film Festival, by provoking and reinforcing the connection between cinema and current ecological anxieties, is a major contributor to the development of a constructive public dialogue on these major issues.
This is why we are all obliged to offer our support, and to thank those who took the initiative to create such a festival in Greece, unique in its kind in the wider area of the Balkans and the Mediterranean.
The Greek Film Centre, acknowledging the role that cinema is called on to play in the sensitization of public opinion regarding the dangers that threaten the environment, has decided to establish, beginning from this year, two money prizes for the best feature film and the best short film in the Greek section, which will be awarded to the directors as an incentive for the production of new films of ecological-environmental content. We believe that in this way we are also consolidating the festival itself, whose very existence is a strong stimulus in its own right for the growth of environmental sensitization cinema in Greece.

Ecocinema has already run a short but successful two-year course and I believe that Mr. Elias Efthymiopoulos, its president, and Mrs. Lucia Rikaki, its artistic director, have the will and the ability to secure it with an even better future. Diagoras Chronopoulos President of the Greek Film Centre.

Angelos Stagos, Chairman of the Board of Directors Managing Director of ERT S.A..
ERT S.A. (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation) is once again the exclusive communication sponsor of the 3rd Ecocinema International Environmental Film Festival, as the least contribution it can offer to the conservation of our natural heritage and the preservation of the ecological equilibrium.

Today, as ecological issues are developing into matters of major importance, engaging the attention not only of experts but of ordinary people as well, the support of such initiatives, especially when they are combined with art, becomes an imperative. Believing that cinema can play a decisive role in the enforcement of the bonds between art and culture on the one hand and the daily anxieties of people for the environment and the quality of their lives on the other, ERT S.A. once again salutes the now firmly established institution, Ecocinema, the International Environmental Film Festival, and wishes wholeheartedly every possible success

Yannis Maheridis, Dodecanese Prefecture of Dodecanese
Cinema at the service of the environment and culture...
The idea sounded fascinating and challenging.
The people of Rhodes and the thousands that visit this city -a multiform, multicultural mosaic- to have the possibility and the opportunity to be transformed into an "orchestra" and "box".

The imagination and restlessness of tens of creators from around the world to unfold, frame by frame, on the screen. From artists that create images and write scenarios about the protection of our cultural and environmental heritage. Let the exchange of ideas and suggestions become spectacle, thought the organisers.
Not for the sake of grand box office success, but in order to break the guilty silence and to scathe the tolerance of human actions that undermine cultural and ecological equilibrium. Cinema can, and must produce, "exercises" in politics. It must present the problems, pose the questions, make suggestions, take the lead in the dialogue.

Invite citizens to discuss, search for responsibilities and -why not- accept his share. Rhodes, the capital of the Dodecanese Prefecture, craves and seeks to become the centre of this discussion. She aspires to lend strength and give prospects to the festival and to signal its maturity. The invitation to this great "performance" is not addressed to "cinephiles" only, given the current meaning of the term. Rhodes invites every sensitive and responsible citizen to the 2003 International Ecocinema Festival so that the environment and culture can be transformed into urgent priorities. And maybe very soon we can achieve the readjustment of the sadly low "marks of sensibility" on these two issues, to quote Elias Efthymiopoulos's cutting remark.

The Dodecanese Prefecture responds to this fascinating challenge and includes the support and co-organization of Ecocinema 2003 to the programme of the Organization for Cultural Development. With the expectation and hope that cinema with a viewpoint can express the message of activation, participation and clarity for the environment and culture...

Yiorgos Giannopoulos, Mayor of Rhodes
Rhodes is honoured this year to host a significant, if somewhat recent, international event, the International Ecocinema Film Festival, which is organized for the third time in our country.

Ecocinema, a unique thematic festival in the wider area of the Mediterranean, hosts films of environmental content. Its competition section includes films from at least 25 countries, from the USA to Lithuania and from Argentina to Iran. The number and the variety of the participating works is evidence of contemporary people's growing and justifiable concerns about the environment.
This is logical since globalization, today's "buzzword", did not originate from the economy, but from the big social, political and cultural issues. The hole in the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect, the pollution of the sea, the waste and diminution of water resources, the destruction of forests, the exhaustion of oil reserves, the extinction of animal and plant species, are issues of global, not local concern.
Every tree that disappears from the once vast Amazon forests robs some fresh air from a Tokyo inhabitant. The use of chorine-fluorine carbon in California depletes the ozone supply over Alaska and Siberia. Every major fire in the Greek mountains, apart from being a natural disaster in itself, adds even more carbon dioxide to the already encumbered global atmosphere, thus contributing to climatic change. Contemporary man cannot react in any other way but by putting into practice the familiar green slogan "think globally, act locally". Ecocinema, a small part in the edifice of the global ecological movement, is precisely promoting the "think globally" part of the slogan, as it is rendered by the people who work in cinema all over the world through their artistic sensibility.

For this particular reason, Ecocinema cannot belong to a specific region.
It belongs to the whole world and hopefully it will travel around Greece, the Mediterranean, anywhere where problems are apparent and consciousness is raised. On behalf of all the citizens of Rhodes, I welcome Ecocinema to the city and the island of the sun and I wish every possible success to this year's event and to all those that follow.


Ioanna Haritatou, Media Desk Hellas Coordinator
Ecocinema, now in its third consecutive year of existence in the context of festivals in Greece, taking place at a new location with new collaborators, is ready to enter adulthood.
An adulthood, that will hopefully enable it to extend its creative activities throughout the year.

Media Desk Hellas (Ministry of Press and Mass Media - European Commission) supports the ecological film festival of our country, acknowledging that it is an established point of reference for thematic films on environmental issues from all over the world on the one hand, and a promotion venue for European and Greek production on the other.

Lucien Chabason Coordinator, Mediterranean Action Plan
Cinema, one of the most important achievements of the 20th century has often reflected the concerns of society. Moreover, thanks to the rapid advances in technology, it has become a major communication tool and, in a way, a trendsetter and opinion maker. It is no wonder then that the current environmental concerns would find in cinema an appropriate channel of communication and ally.

This has been the key achievement of the organizers of the international Film Festival ECOCINEMA, an initiative that was launched in 2001, under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Environment and the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, as well as with the support of other national and international agencies. It is only natural that this initiative was warmly welcomed by the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) that, for more than a quarter of a century now, has focused its efforts on the protection of the Mediterranean Region against all forms of pollution, through the collective efforts of twenty one countries whose shores are washed by the waters of the Mediterranean, the European Union being also a party to this project. T

his year's festival will take place, once again, in the appropriate place: in an island. This time in the beautiful island of the Dodecanese, the Island of Rhodes, with many tourist attractions and a long history. One of the most well-known islands of Greece, a country that generously hosts the headquarters of the MAP Coordinating Unit and that has been playing a relevant role in MAP activities. MAP expects many positive results from the different events that are scheduled within the framework of the festival, from the competition and information screenings to the discussions of the Television and Environment forum.

Sharing with the organizers the common goal of awareness regarding increasing environmental concerns and their enormous importance in achieving the goal in achieving a harmonious balance between development and the preservation of our main source of life, that is our natural resources, MAP wishes the ECOCINEMA Festival successes and expresses its readiness to cooperate in all efforts aimed at strengthening the magnificent heritage of our region, the Mediterranean, as this constitutes our main obligation towards future generations.
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