DESERT ISLAND (Terug Aan De zee)
Magda Augusteijn
Duration: 44'  THE NETHERLANDS, 2001
Born in 1972.
She graduated from the department of audiovisual design at the art academy.
After that she made several documentaries and short films for IKON-youth television.
In 1999 she attended the script workshop of the Amsterdam International Documentary Filmfestival.
She has also worked as an editor in several documentaries.
IDFA (Interfnational Documentary Festival Amsterdam), 2002
VHS distribution by nature-information centres in the Netherlands

Broadcast by TV Noord (regional broadcasting in the Netherlands)
2001  Desert Island
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1998  I Believe Something Else, 4 short documentaries
1997  If Only I were 18

Magda Augusteijn

Cinematography: Pieter Huisman,
Eugene van den Bosch,
Prosper de Roos
Sound: Bram Meindersma,
Frenk van der Sterre,
Rep Sorp
Edited by: Magda Augusteijn,
Oscar van den Belt
Sound Mix: Ad van Dongen
Producer: Prosper de Roos
I grew up on one island next to Rottumeroog.
I always knew that the island next door was very small and inaccessible to the public, because of the delicate nature that had to be protected.
Although it seems plain at first sight, if you look into it you can see a fascinating complexity of structures and a very fine balance of existence.
One day I heard it in the news: Rottumeroog was going to vanish and the evildoer was nature itself.
My own opinion on whether the island should be maintained by human interference or whether it should be thrown open to the public is not an issue in the film.
The film shows people who struggle with these questions.
Itís up to the viewer to take their own stand.
The most important reason for me to make this film was to show the beauty of the nature in this area.
Where once stood productive farms with grazing cows, the waves of the sea have taken over and the dust of dry sand blows.
Rottumeroog, the northernmost island in the Dutch Waddenzee is slowly drifting eastward and in time, it will vanish in the channel of the 'Wester Eems'.
Some years ago man decided not to disturb this natural process which gives full play to rare birds and plants.
The birdwatchers, who each year visit the island for the four-months breeding season, the employees of the Public Water Service, and Hendrik - the son of the last guardian of the island, look at the fall with mixed emotions.
They ask themselves "Is it nowadays nature or is it the cultural history that makes the island special?" Until 1965, the Toxopeus family lived here.
Grandfather and father were guardians of the island; the son, Hendrik, would have liked to continue this family line.
The documentary Desert Island outlines a portrait of the nature and the people on Rottumeroog - a desert island that will not soon be forgotten.
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