September 2003, Greece





We enjoyed being there on that magical island making new friends and getting to know collegues from all over the world. We will certainly come back. A festival like Ecocinema is of the utmost importance to keep in touch with what's really happening with our planet. Hopefully Ecocinema will grow and keep reaching out to the world.
Sherman De Jesus director, The Netherlands

I thoroughly enjoyed the film festival in Zakynthos, congratulations on putting it together. Thank you again for having me in Zakynthos, I enjoyed the festival and my audience very much. And, needless to say, the island is just stunning. Thanks and hope to be in touch.
Birgit Buhleier, National Geographic Television, USA

I loved being there very, very much. It was a great pleasure.
Gert de Graaff director, The Netherlands

I have had en enchanting experience in your Festival, thanks to you and your kind and human hosts. Thank you again for the unforgettable experience.
Silvano Agosti, producer, Italy

It was the smallest but nicest film festival I ever was. I met some very inspiring people. We liked it very much.
Jan van der Berg, director, The Netherlands

t was a great pleasure to be at your festival and I look forward to working together with you . You did a great job!
Claas Danielseen Discovery Channel, Germany

The size of the festival makes possible to meet other filmakers and people on the ground level without any trying to be anything more than people use to be !!!!!
I love that. No too much program, no too many things going on during at the same time. So you can avoid the feeling of an ordinary art-festival, where people trie to be more special and extraordinary than they use to be.
The concept from pure nature documentaries to more conceptual films was very good - it made real discussion. As a professional I have to say the organisation could not be better. I think it is very important to speak about environment on all levels.
Harri Larjosto director, Finland

It is a very homely place, and I am glad I had the chance to get to know it . I can't think of anything that makes me so happy as the idea of being there and share all we feel and have to say on behalf of man and his relationship with the environment.
It was a unique and privileged opportunity for me to have the chance to share this gathering among people who are genuinely worried about our unavoidable need to care for environmental values and get involved in nature protection.
I am extremely happy and grateful for the festival's attitude and generosity.
Ana Zanoti, director, Argentina

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