1-6 JUNE 2004, Rhodes, Greece


   TRIBUTES 2004

ECOCINEMA 2004 will also include:

Tribute to the Indigenous Peoples
The tribute to the Indigenous Peoples presents to the Greek viewers, through films chosen from all over the world, the indigenous peoples and their cultures, as well as the importance of their existence to the western world, whose worldly “successful” civilization has had a powerful impact on them.
For the contemporary ecological and anthropological thought these peoples are the living examples of ancient values, such as the care for the posterity, the holistic view of nature, the devotion in the sense of community. The films of the tribute, including The Whale Rider (2003), Himalaya-L’ Enfance d' un Chef (1999), Baraka (1992), illuminate different aspects of the history of cultures on Earth.

"RHODES 1924-41"
Italian Film Archives of the Period Between the Two World Wars

This tribute, which has been organized by Nikos Nikolaidis in collaboration with Cinemabiente Festival, Turin and S.Toffetti and G. Capizzi is having its world premiere on the evening of the ending ceremony of ECOCINEMA.
It contains 13 different documentaries, 63' length of the italian film archives of ISTITUTO LUCE.
These archives show the relationship between Italy and the island of Rhodes and the Dodecanese themselves through the rationale that determined italian film production in the Mussollini era.
Rhodes, an area of experimentation for the Italian leader in every aspect, from architecure to geopolitics, have turned out to be an ideal place for filmic depiction.


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